Yuan Cheng, Chairman of American Chinese National Chamber of Commerce
美國華人總商會會長 程遠

​Photo by Susan Li

Stephen Na, CEO of Hollywood Culture Media Group
Photo by Susan Li

Investor Relations

Over 200 professional performers all over the world will come into one Gala

“2018 World Chinese Spring Festival Gala” offering a platform for Chinese professionals all over the world to perform their talents, in celebration of Chinese New Year. The Organizing Committee will invite Hollywood celebrities, politicians from China and US, Chinese conglomerates, philanthropists, billionaires, entrepreneurs, and over 200 entertainment industry professionals from North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Australia, and Africa, in addition to 100 media from many countries and regions to participate in the event.

Speeches at the Press Conference

Lincoln Lin, chairman of the Gala and US Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce expressed, “2018 Spring Festival Gala is such a happy and vibrant new year event brimming with new possibilities and potentials to exchange culture. We aspire to present a high-quality gala fueled by fresh new elements to fascinate Chinese audience all over the world.”

Dr. Steven Nia, Chairman of Wordour Studios Hollywood, and Chairman of World Film Institute, delivered the best wishes to the press conference hosting organizations. Dr. Nia also announced that Wardour Studios will work together with Hollywood Culture Media Group, strive for the vision to forge “World Chinese Spring Festival Gala” into a prestigious international brand. Dr. Nia particularly emphasized Wardour Studios’ mission to continue it’s Hollywood - China co-production and co-finance of films, televisions, and media events, in order to bring peace, harmony, and better mutual understanding between the two respective cultures of USA and China. “Film and media are the ultimate forms of artistic and cultural expression. We take great pride to be the driving force bringing culture harmony through film and media.” Stated by Dr. Nia at the press conference.  

VIP guests such as Chin Ho Liao, Council Member of City of San Gabriel, David Lau, Former Mayor of City of Monterey Park, Sujiu Zhang, Honorable Chairman of Chinese American Federation, Lily Chen, Former Mayor of City of Monterey Park, Yuan Cheng, Chairman American Chinese National Chamber of Commerce, Ganhua Lin, Chairman of American Chinese Organization Alliance, Shurong Ma, Chairman of American Chinese Association, and etc. congratulated the Organizing Committee on the overall success of the Gala for last year, and expressed wishes that under the leadership of the Organizing Committee, and its partner Wardour Studios, the world Chinese will make tremendous achievements in promoting Chinese culture and its heritage.


“2018 World Chinese Spring Festival Gala” will be shown to the public at San Gabriel Mission Playhouse,  Los Angeles County, USA. Residents and visitors can buy the Gala tickets through www.StarsGala.com or www.ChineseGala.com or at San Gabriel Mission Playhouse on February 11, 2018 before 5 PM.

For more details of “2018 World Chinese Spring Festival Gala”, please visit www.StarsGala.com

For additional information, please contact
Robert Katzenberg      ​PR@WardourStudio.com
​Wardour Studios Public Relations
Wardour Studios

Sujiu Zhang, Honorable Chairman of

Chinese American Federation
美國華人社團聯合會榮譽會長 張素久

​Photo by Susan Li

Lily Chen

Former Mayor of City of Monterey Park
前蒙特利公園市市長 Lily Chen

​Photo by Susan Li

Shurong Ma 

Chairman of American Chinese Association
美國華人協會會長 馬樹榮

Photo by Susan Li

About Wardour Studios

Wardour Studios is a state of the art, next generation, film studio, with solid artistic and advanced technology foundation. Wardour Studios is the ultimate digital studio, with expertise in the production and distribution of feature films, TV, visual effects, VR - virtual reality, AR - augmented reality, which is addressing and exploiting the emerging challenges in the global, and specifically in the Hollywood and China entertainment landscape. Wardour Studios continues to grow into a vertically integrated global content platform of increasing diversity, reach and scale. The Company’s portfolio of assets include film and television libraries, a world-class film business and an expanding global distribution footprint.
For more information, visit www.WardourStudio.com

About Hollywood Culture Media Group

Hollywood Culture Media Group is Hollywood based entertainment company, founded by Ms. Lisa Chen, who is the founder of “World Chinese Spring Festival Gala” and a renowned singer and instructor of vocal performance.
For more information, visit www.newhollywoodstar.com

About Wardour Studios Film Funds

Wardour Studios Film Funds is supported by several international funds. Wardour Studios Film Funds, co-managed by Wardour Studios’ board of directors and funding partners’ representatives, will focus on English-language films, Chinese co-productions and Chinese-language movies with Hollywood production quality and style. Wardour Studios Film Funds has committed the investment for the production and distribution of the above slate of films and television productions, and it clearly signifies Wardour Studios’ strategic positioning to increase its film and entertainment business in China, the second-largest film market behind the United States and Canada.

For more information, visit http://investors.wardourstudio.com/

Ganhua Lin, Chairman of American Chinese Organization Alliance
美國華人社團大聯盟主席 林淦花

Photo by Susan Li

Lincoln Lin, Chairman of the Gala and US Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce. 

全美浙江總商會會長 林光
​Photo by Susan Li

Chin Ho Liao

Council Member of City of San Gabriel

​​聖蓋博市市議員 廖欽和

Photo by Susan Li

David Lau

Former Mayor of City of Monterey Park
前蒙特利公園市市長 劉達強
​Photo by Susan Li

Angelina Leo, Press Conference Host

Photo by Susan Li

Steven Nia and Angelina Leo 

were interviewed by CCTV and Damai TV
​Photo by Susan Li

Lisa Chen, the founder of the Gala and chairman at Hollywood Culture Media Group
世界華人春節晚會發起/策劃人,好萊塢文化傳媒集團董事長 陳和霞

​Photo by Susan Li

Wardour Studios’ CEO Speaks at  "China New Year Gala 2018" Press Conference

LOS ANGELES, California, Dec. 15, 2017 (Wardour Studios) -- 2018 World Chinese Spring Festival Gala will take place on February 11, 2018, at 7 PM in San Gabriel Mission Playhouse,  Los Angeles County, USA. The news was announced by Stephen Na, CEO of Hollywood Culture Media Group, also the general planner of the Gala during the press conference, which was hosted by Angelina Leo, the renowned former TV host at Hunan TV, China. Wardour Studios, as the exclusive Hollywood partner will together produce the 2018 World Chinese Spring Festival Gala.

"2018 World Chinese Spring Festival Gala" will be co-hosted by Hollywood Culture Media Group and US Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce, partnered with Wardour Studios, broadcasted by WCETV, China Central Television (CCTV - 4, CCTV - 9), and over 100 notable media partners. The gala strives to excite talents all over the world, in alliance with One Belt One Road Initiative, expanding Chinese traditional culture heritage, promoting world peace, celebrating the Spring Festival Gala (AKA: Chinese New Year Gala),  

Experienced Production Team

The gold medal production team consists of the most experienced CCTV Director Guoqiang Song, who has directed more than 300 large-scale events; Lisa Chen, the founder of the Gala and chairman at Hollywood Culture Media Group; Gong Tian, a senior art director at CCTV; Yi Luo, a famous Chinese music composer, who has composed the theme song for this gala; Steven Nia, an experienced producer and executive producer in Hollywood film industry; Angelina Leo, a former TV host and a film producer, and many other professionals and experts.

Comprehensive New Year programs lineup

Stephen Na announced that “2018 World Chinese Spring Festival Gala” will present 3 elements, which are Spring Festival Performance, World Outstanding Chinese Awards, and US. China Business Cooperation Forum. The jury for Outstanding World Chinese Awards comprises 20 distinguished figures, presided by the founder of the Gala, Lisa Chen. With the jury’s expertise, the jury will select winners for Outstanding Chinese Physicist, Jury Prize, Outstanding Chinese Film Director, Outstanding Chinese Screenwriter, Outstanding Chinese Entrepreneur, Outstanding Chinese Leadership, Outstanding Chinese Medical Scientist, Outstanding Chinese Chemist, Outstanding Chinese Philanthropist, and etc.

The Gala will hold the grand award ceremony for "World Outstanding Chinese Awards" prior to the Spring Festival performances. "2017 World Outstanding Chinese" honorary certificates and trophies will be presented to winners,  in recognition of their achievements, promote their righteousness and establish their global images.

VIP Guests Attending the Press Conference 

​Photo by Susan Li

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Dr. Steven Nia, Chairman of Wordour Studios, and Chairman of World Film Institute
Photo by Susan Li